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Comments from OTRADI and OBI collaborators

“OTRADI helps founding scientists become savvy entrepreneurs.” –David Eastman MS, CEO, Gamma Therapeutics, Inc.

“Unlike other industries such as manufacturing or high technology, life science is an industry where prototypes have a long life cycle. Time to market is measured in several years versus several months.

For this reason alone, business education during the start up and growth of a life science venture is vital to its success. Scientists know their technologies well, but often do not have the business experience to translate them into commercially viable products and services. The OTRADI Bioscience Incubator helps founding scientists become savvy entrepreneurs through formal and informal education and one-on-one BioMentoring.”

“OBI is leading to the evolution of a true biotech community.” –Sean McClain Founder and CEO, AbSci, LLC

“Prior to the opening of the OBI the business and other resources available to bioscience companies in the Portland area were inadequate for developing a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. Major limitations included a shortage of wet lab facilities and no established network of mentors. Our company, AbSci, was the first to move into the OBI facility, and we’ve never looked back.

Sometime in 2016 we expect to become the first graduates of the OBI. This could not have been accomplished without Jennifer Fox and OTRADI. Beyond establishing what is essentially the only available lab space in Portland, OTRADI has helped to nurture AbSci’s maturation through a variety of avenues. We have an ongoing partnership, whereby OTRADI has donated equipment time and assay development expertise that have been instrumental in establishing initial corporate partnerships. To help navigate the waters of partnership structure, deal terms and business strategy, we’ve leveraged the BioMentoring network, especially the OBI Entrepreneurs in Residence.

OBI is leading to the evolution of a true biotech community within the area. The relationships cultivated through the OBI, as well as corresponding networking events, have helped us to identify new hires and more crucially, new clients, one of which is another resident startup located in the OBI. Our experiences in the OBI have been nothing but positive. As the soon to be first graduates of the OBI, I can attest to the value of such a resource and its ability to help take small ideas and cultivate them into legitimate biotechnology companies.”

“OTRADI is a break-out asset for biotech in Oregon.” –Sandra Shotwell Ph.D., President and COO of DesignMedix, Inc.

“OTRADI has been a tremendous partner to several companies I have worked with in the past few years. Their programs have helped my company, DesignMedix, to advance its malaria drug candidate toward clinical trials.

The OBI’s Life Science CEO Lunch and Learn meetings provide an invaluable opportunity to talk in confidence with peers facing the same problems DesignMedix faces as a drug discovery and development company. I have received mentoring from respected colleagues on raising capital, employee compensation, regulatory issues, and strategic partnering. Companies I consult for have found state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and convenient office space, all near other young biotech firms, and near the active OTRADI service laboratories. OTRADI is a break-out asset for biotech in Oregon.”

“The OBI is a uniquely collaborative environment.” –Erik Tucker Ph.D., Co-Founder and COO, Aronora Inc.

“OTRADI is filling a crucial role as an arm of Oregon’s economic development plan to grow the bioscience sector.

The successful launch of the OBI, and its extensive scientific outreach, have resulted in a more supportive environment for launching startup companies, and in the process has helped to increase federal and private bio funding in Oregon. OTRADI has greatly benefited Aronora, not only by providing vital laboratory space, but also through creating a uniquely collaborative environment where bioscience companies like ours can share ideas and resources.”

“OBI, both through its facilities and programs, provides huge support.” –Sharon McCoy Ph.D., CSO and Vice President, Product Development, 13therapeutics, Inc.

“13therapeutics is a research and development peptide therapeutics company, and is one of the original OBI client companies. OBI, both through its facilities and programs, provides huge support to firms like ours.

We have used OBI resources to help develop an experimental assay screening system for our peptide library. We also have taken advantage of their numerous networking events to gain visibility for our company and to gain access to other science and business resources. We certainly would agree that additional funding for the OBI will be a great investment because expanding its programs for biotech startups will further the success of these small companies, and that has benefits for us all.”

“Sound business ideas to assist us with our fund raising activities and planning.” –David A. Edwards CEO MotioSens, Inc.

“OBI BioMentor and Entrepreneur-in-Residence Gordon Hoffman has served as chairman of the advisory board of MotioSens, Inc. since January, 2015.

During this period he has been responsive to my requests for advice, including introductions to several experienced executives in our industry, assistance with IP and License Agreements, attending meetings with other advisers and offering sound business ideas to assist us with our fund raising activities and planning.”

“OTRADI is providing something so desperately needed right now.” –Rachel Drellinger, Co-Founder and CEO, NeuraMedica

“OTRADI has been useful to me in several ways as an entrepreneur and biomedical engineer running three companies including an OHSU startup.

I have attended multiple activities at OTRADI including an SBIR/STTR Grant class, meetings with my funding group ONAMI and quarterly Life Science CEO Roundtable Luncheons hosted by OTRADI. The OBI facility provides a wonderful environment for networking, meetings and education as well as lab space and other offerings. OTRADI is providing something so desperately needed right now in Portland.”

“Valuable guidance and expertise at a time when our business was eager to grow.”John J. Naleway, Ph.D., President, Sonas BioPharma, Inc

“Our interaction with the OTRADI staff has provided valuable guidance and expertise in the fields of drug discovery and diagnostics at a time when our business was eager to grow.

As a result of our collaboration with OTRADI, we currently are performing drug discovery activities in-house at Marker Gene and providing drug discovery reagents and assay services in our target disease areas to partners in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.”