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The OTRADI Bioscience Incubator Advisory Board is composed of professionals representing Oregon’s health, science and business sectors. Board members support OTRADI in developing programs and policies and identifying investment and partnership opportunities related to the OBI. Members are as follows:

Dinah Adkins

David Eastman
Gamma Therapeutics Inc.

Eric Hanson
Founder and CEO
Tier Seven

Joel Hayflick
Trendicy Corp. (FKA Anaceta Corp.)

Maureen Hoatlin
Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Oregon Health and Science University

Debra Jing
FDA Regulatory/Product Lifecycle Consultant

Larry Johnson
BioFinity Consulting LLC

Ted Khoury
Assistant Professor of Management and Strategy
Portland State University’s School of Business Administration

Jeff King
Founder and COO
Virogenomics and ID Biopharma

Nathan Lillegard
Program Manager and Instructor
University of Oregon’s Lundquist College of Business

Bill Newman
Managing Director
Northwest Technology Ventures

Patricia Pearson
Marketing Consultant

Adrian Polliack
PhD, President