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13therapeutics is a research and drug development company identifying and characterizing novel anti-inflammatory therapeutics for unmet medical needs with high commercial potential. The company has an innovative platform for isolating novel peptides from immunoregulatory proteins produced by pathogens that impact the immune system. 13therapeutics is moving its lead peptide, P13, forward for the prevention/treatment of noise-induced hearing loss. 13therapeutics, Inc. is an OHSU spin-off company.

AbSci is a global leader in protein production technologies. The company’s SoluPro™ expression platform achieves revolutionary yields of soluble and active protein products. AbSci’s unique approach accelerates drug discovery timelines, increases manufacturing efficiencies, and drastically reduces costs for the biopharmaceutical industry.

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GammaTherapeutics is a biotechnology venture that develops novel medical devices for cardiovascular disease risk assessment, surgical therapy, and combat casualty care, based upon the use of human proteins responsible for the clotting mechanism in blood.

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Jupiter Devices is creating a noninvasive Continuous Glucose Monitor technology (CGM) utilizing Radio Frequency (RF) analysis of the physical structure of chemical bonds to accurately measure glucose without blood extraction or hypodermic sampling of interstitial fluid. It will be small enough to fit into a watch and is intended to replace the invasive hypodermic CGM systems as well as blood glucose monitors and disposable test strips.

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OregonHeart is an early-stage medical device company that is developing a total artificial heart (TAH) for treatment of patients with end-stage heart failure. The company projects clinical trials to commence as early as 2020. The Knight Cardiovascular Institute at OHSU utilized a portion of a generous donation to OHSU from the Knight family to invest in developing this TAH. Our device is based on an ingenious design by OHSU Faculty member and Alumnus Dr. Richard Wampler. It combines the reliability and durability of a rotary pump with a unique shuttling action that produces pulsatile flow similar to the native cardiovascular system. The small size and widely adjustable operating parameters will allow our device to be suitable for almost all patients over 10 years of age.