Bonat, Ernest


Dr. Bonat is an experienced Software Engineer and Data Scientist with more than 25 years of experience. He studied in Kiev, Ukraine for 9 years and finished the following degrees at National Technical University of Ukraine: BS, MS (Electrical Engineering) and PhD in Computer Sciences Engineering. He started his computer programming career in 1993 developing database business applications using Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0, Windows 3.11 and Access 2.0. He has participated in many business database application designs, developed and deployed technologies using Microsoft in the Portland metro area. He is a Subject Matter Expect in developing undergraduate and graduate Data Analytics and Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence courses for universities and colleges across the United State. Dr. Bonat is the owner of the Hillsboro Python Machine Learning Meetup. This meetup is a Data Scientist user group for best practices and advanced Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence technologies using Python Data Ecosystem in the Hillsboro-Beaverton area. He works for Thermo Fisher Scientific as a Senior Software Engineer. He teaches Computer Programming, Business Statistics and Machine Learning courses online. In his spare time, Dr. Bonat does complex Data Analytics/Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence projects and publishes his research blog papers for fun.


“I can provide mentoring in Business Applications development and Data Analytics/Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence projects.”