Garnett, Doug


Trained as mathematician with experience in aerospace (rockets, space shuttle) then supercomputers, Doug has spent 30 years selling and marketing new, innovative products with 25 of that in the demanding field of innovative consumer goods and services.

Protonik focuses on marketing and selling innovative and new products to drive success – starting with ideation and consumer research through successful initial sales and, finally, rollout.

Doug’s extensive experience in first sales gives him instincts and vision to engage early in projects to help focus marketing efforts so that when companies go to market, they succeed.

And, because he has worked with such a wide range of products, categories, and industries, he avoids canned solutions copying on what your competition or some prior company might have done. The key to innovation success is finding YOUR unique way – not copying the competition.

Experience includes General Dynamics, Floating Point Systems, DuPont, Rubbermaid, Lowe’s Home Improvement, The Joint Chiropractic, AAA of No. California, Disney, Netpliance, and Apple Computer as well as many startups and small companies.


“Early phase companies err by overemphasizing analytic marketing and lacking broad enough customer focused learning. I help companies identify the critical customer focused questions and ways to answer them in order to be successful – and far before they become crises.”