Girton, Bruce


I have about 30 years of experience working in pharmaceutical development, including discovery, preclinical, clinical, and commercial stages, usually from an analytical chemistry standpoint, but in close association with research, manufacturing, quality, and regulatory affairs areas.


“I’m a scientist.  I have experience with discovering potential new drugs (or re-purposing an existing one), evaluating its pharmacology and toxicology, developing a formulation and analytical methods, producing and testing clinical materials, and advancing manufacturing processes and quality controls through the phases of clinical development to commercialization.  I’m a chemist by nature and education, an analytical chemist by early training, but along the way I have paid attention to whatever was going on around me, so I have been exposed to most of what goes on in pharmaceutical development.  The best way to for us to  find out if I can help is to have a conversation about your situation. If I can’t help, I may know someone who can.”