Bates, Kenneth

Summary of Experience:

Since 1989, Dr. Bates has been president of Applied Concepts LLC consulting. As an international consultant, he has helped clients to evaluate and develop numerous medical products for ultrasonic imaging and therapy, transducer design, blood pressure monitoring sensors, cardiac EKG and phonocardiography, medical Doppler instrumentation, intravascular acoustic imaging, semi-conductor wafer inspection, laser interferometry, and atomic force microscopy.

He has assisted management with acquisitions, product evaluations, product development, quality control, and hiring of key technical personnel. Periodically Dr. Bates organizes and leads teams of consulting engineers in the development of product designs for client corporations. On two occasions he has taken temporary senior managerial roles to aid clients with more extensive projects.

Mentoring Services Provided:

“I can help entrepreneurs understand the business aspects of technical innovation and its impact on product development, particularly the development of medical devices.”