Clark, Kevin B.


Dr. Clark serves or has served as Consultant/Collaborator/Principal Investigator for VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System, NSF XSEDE at University of Illinois’ National Center for Supercomputing Applications, and BioCoRE at University of Illinois’ NIH Center of Macromolecular Modeling and Bioinformatics; Senior Scientist/Vice President of Finance and Partnership Development at Complex Biological Systems Alliance; Member of Penn Center for Innovation Expert Network at University of Pennsylvania; Member of Berkeley Lab’s Molecular Foundry User Program Community; Entrepreneurial Program Finalist at Stanford School of Medicine’s Brainstorm Innovation Lab; Computational Neurolinguist/Ethnobiologist at Alliance for Linguistic Diversity and Google’s The Endangered Languages Project; IEEE Brain Initiative Member and Analytics Platform Consultant; NASA Global Exploration Roadmap Workshop and NAI Virus Focus Group Member; Guest Expert for National Academies Projects and Workshops; Science/Business Advisor to for-/nonprofit organizations promoting new, rediscovery, and translational medical science, clinical practice, and biotechnology; Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Max-Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics; Laboratory Coordinator and Basic/Clinical Science Predoctoral Research Fellow in Departments of Psychology and Physiology at Southern Illinois University; Member of many professional societies; Editor for professional journals and technical books; and Manager/Technical Advisor/Mentor for STEAM scholastic, entrepreneurial, and community outreach programs sponsored by SFN, HHMI, NSF, and The Franklin Foundation for Innovation, where he serves as Chief Programs Officer, Director, and First Vice Chairperson. He has (co)authored over 60 peer-review scientific journal articles and book chapters, helped generate millions of US dollars in research funding, licensed several patents, and received extensive multimedia press attention for collaborative science, entrepreneurial, and charitable activities.

Dr. Clark’s award-winning research and patented inventions improving learning, memory, and recovery from traumatic brain injury through peripheral neuromodulation gained recognition from US National Academy of Sciences members. This work involving cognitive-emotional restructuring helped launch the field of targeted neuroplasticity training and was instrumental in FDA’s decision to approve VNS for complex-partial seizures — the first medical device marketed for convulsive epilepsy treatment. It has since encouraged potential derivative medical indications for VNS, such as Alzheimer’s disease, TBI, PTSD, and tinnitus. Dr. Clark combines his efforts on targeted neuroplasticity training and cognitive-emotional restructuring with innovative mobile machine-learning platforms to achieve personalized realtime prophylaxes/treatments for neuropsychiatric conditions. Complementing these interests, he pursues research, stemming from past collaborations with Dr. Sidney Fox, student and colleague of Nobelists Thomas Morgan and Linus Pauling, on rational design and application of smart pharmaceuticals, including drugs and nano-/microscale devices. Dr. Clark’s successes in nano-/microbioscience show promising advances in repurposed and next-generation smart technologies useful for diverse medical, industrial, and national defense purposes.


As peer-respected scientist, technologist, educator, community liaison, and business leader, Dr. Clark demonstrates a history of creating local, national, and global community outreach, educational, and business programs that improve STEAM career pipelines and workforce diversity, personalized and team instruction, discovery culture, organization branding and scaling, and product/services design, development, and commercialization. He mentors in areas of partnership development, venture capital investment, and grant/endowment financing for business growth and sustainability. He also advises on product trends, basic and clinical neuroscience/microbiology protocols, and IP management strategies.