Kirschner, Robert A.

Mr. Kirschner has worked with universities in licensing technologies and headed startups for telecom, biotech, nanotech and aerodynamic tech. Experienced, strong and able from a hands-on perspective. He recently wrote a startup manual, written for the non-business entrepreneur, a comprehensive primer on what to do and not to do, what to expect and how to be successful. The manual has 27 appendices, each of which is a hands-on tool for success. More information on Robert’s background can be found at
“I am the business guy. Much like a house needs a strong foundation for it to not fall, so too a startup needs a strong business foundation to not fail. The founder can and should focus upon development and commercialization of products and services. S/he should be able to rely on the business foundation being a positive and not a negative. I have few limits – one is drug commercialization experience. Otherwise my startup experience (JD, MBA, BBA/CPA) and capability are without equal and an excellent fit for entrepreneurs and their startups. I can help avoid the ‘big surprise’ – the fatal mistake that serves to kill the opportunity. Other ways I can help include assessing opportunities from investor perspectives, mentoring entrepreneurs to raise money and pre-qualifying startups to investor selection criteria.”