Lovely, Peter

Summary of Experience:

Dr. Lovely was a founding team member and key technologist for Photon Kinetics, Inc., Fiber SenSys, Inc. and AirAdvice Inc. He is a multi-disciplinary physicist and consultant with deep experience in instrumentation and metrology problems, including biomedical instrumentation, optics, performance enhancement, low-cost design, patents & intellectual property issues, mathematical modeling, analytical methods & algorithms, and finding meaning in data.

Mentoring Services Provided:

“I would enjoy assisting entrepreneurs whose primary technology is biomedical (such as molecular biology), but who need good instrumentation and/or analytic methodology to exploit the value. I enjoy developing the vision of a path to commercialization, identifying key technical obstacles and challenges, choosing technical approaches and architectures with the most promise, defining work to be done in partnership with other entities such as academic labs, and analyzing intellectual property positions.