Mace, Les

Summary of Experience:

Mr. Mace is, and has been a medical device business consultant and has expertise in technology assessment, market analysis, strategic planning, investor presentations, fundraising, public relations and strategic partnerships.

He has been a vice president of research and development and headed general and technical management of corporate R&D, strategic product planning, clinical trials management, intellectual property management, OEM and contract technical sales, multidisciplinary product development, and high technology manufacturing operations.

Before that Mr. Mace was founder and vice president of product development, during which he led business development, product planning, market analysis, product development, regulatory compliance and technology licensing.

Mr. Mace specializes in medical device technology assessment, market research, clinical needs assessment, business strategy, technology licensing, product development, non-invasive medical sensors, physiological monitoring and program management.

Mentoring Services Provided:

“I have more than 35 years in various product development management roles that cover a wide range of medical device technologies. I maintain close contact with senior industry specialists as well as keep current with new industry advancements. I am best suited to advise senior management of early stage medtech companies.”