Miller, Ryan


Ryan Miller has been designing insurance strategies since 1990. He has worked with hundreds of startups and has witnessed the different milestones of business development. From garage startups to International software companies with 300 + employees he and his team have seen the mistakes and successes at each stage. Ryan holds designations as a Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) and Certified Work Comp Advisor (CWCA). His team is passionate about educating clients and helping owners accelerate their business models.


  • Prepare entrepreneurs on the insurance demands common in the first two years of business.

  • How to communicate with your insurance agent to obtain the best results.

  • Reviewing requirements from landlords, lenders, customers, State and Federal regulators.

  • How to transition from reactively purchasing insurance to proactively managing risk in high growth companies.

  • Coaching on risk transfer methods that can be used before purchasing insurance.

  • Due diligence strategies when purchasing other businesses.

  • Tips for overtasked HR directors to leverage resources so they can focus on critical items rather than reinventing documents and processes.

  • Looking beyond the transaction of insurance to identify and recapture costs not seen in the income and expense report.