Rao, Vinay


Summary of Experience:

Vinay Rao is an experienced entrepreneur and a Data Scientist. Biology and life sciences are becoming increasingly Data Problems. Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence can augment life science research and innovation significantly. Vinay has cofounded a machine learning platform called RocketML, built to handle complex life science datasets and use cases efficiently.

Vinay is happy to help anyone with Machine Learning and Data Science problems. He is also a co-organizer of meetup called Portland Data Science with more than 2000 members. In addition, Vinay is an obsessive product editor with deep expertise in listening, interpreting and inventing on Customer needs and wants. He can also help startups with Marketing, Product Management and Outbound Sales advice.

Mentoring Services Provided:

“I can help with Machine Learning, Data Science and Customer engagement strategies. Plus any startup related topics.”