Rouault, Holly

Summary of Experience:

A senior level marketing strategist that is revenue driven. Having started as a mechanical engineer in college, Holly understands how difficult it can be to translate the story behind the science into a market reality. Born and Raised in Texas, Holly pursued marketing at the University of Maryland. She has lived and worked in the Caribbean, France, Utah, Washington DC, and Texas, until finding her home in Oregon. She founded the B Corp certified, strategic marketing & branding firm, Green Rising Marketing in 2008. She most enjoys helping CEOs who are willing to take action, go the full mile, test new theories, and be accountable.

Mentoring Services Provided:

Holly works with CEO’s to pair an operational understanding with marketing process to help businesses reach their potential. Unlike your average marketer, we will regularly review your P&L, funnel, and marketing efforts to realize quantifiable change. We will set milestones, track KPI’s, and push you out of your comfort zone with marketing processes that make sense for a start-up, that are actionable, and attainable on a budget. This work is for those with excellent follow-through, who just need a little accountability, encouragement, and marketing skills to point the way.