Vollrath, Jurgen


Jurgen Vollrath’s career spans over 25 years as an entrepreneur and IP attorney – negotiating and structuring licenses and acquisitions, and strategically positioning companies and their IP portfolios. He previously served as managing partner of Arter & Hadden’s patent department in San Francisco, led National Semiconductor’s licensing, trademarks, and M&A due diligence teams, and restructured SAP’s IP department. In 2011 he co-founded a medical device company: Corinthian Opthalmic, which was later sold and went public as EyeNovia. In 2015, he started Exponential Technology Counsel, putting innovation programs in place for established technology companies and working with start-ups and SMEs to develop and negotiate effective exit strategies and maximize valuation prior to acquisition or IPO.


“I will advise on, and put in place, an intellectual property strategy (on what patents to file, when to file them, where and how) that will help startups save money and will add value to the company at time of exit based on an overview of the competitive landscape.”