Weishaar, Jamie


Jamie has been in the Pharma industry for over 15 years working for several Contract Manufacturing and Development Organizations (CDMO’s).  
As a consultative sales professional, Jamie has helped educate and guide pharmaceutical companies through the all stages of drug development, especially those companies needing to rely on external vendors for outsourcing of their IND-enabling and early clinical phase CMC activities. Prior to the Pharmaceutical industry, Jamie was a research scientist with the USGS performing research on water quality after completing of a Master’s in Analytical Chemistry from Washington State University.


“Finding and selecting vendors for early phase development and manufacturing or later phase scale-up can be a critical step in bringing a molecule or biologic from the bench to the clinic and on through to the market.  I have worked for, or competed against, most of CDMO’s in the CMC space and can help point you in the right direction to help insure you’re working with the right partner.”