Silica Coating Technician


Pioneer in Silica Stabalization technology

Silica-coating technician (10-20 hours/ week):
StoneStable is a pioneer in using Silica technology to deactivate virii with potential applications in vaccines and is founded by PSU Professor Ken Stedman. StoneStable is located at the OTRADI on South Waterfront.

Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Biochemistry or Chemistry or Associates degree in Biotechnology with at least 2 years of experience in a research or diagnostic laboratory.

Essential Experiences:
Experience with basic chemical reactions, including titration, working with organic chemicals, acids and bases.
Demonstrated ability to learn new techniques
Demonstrated ability to follow complicated protocols
Ability to work in a team with minimal day to day supervision.
Keep rigorous electronic laboratory notebook.
Good oral and written communication skills

Experience with silica-nanoparticles.
Experience with DLS, Nanoparticle tracking systems, TRPS.

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