OBI & OTRADI July 2021 Newsletter

Absci Files for IPO

Big news for OBI graduate Absci! Last week they filed paperwork with the SEC for an initial public offering. Absci, a biotech company whose technology enables “better, faster, smarter” biologic drug discovery and cell lines, graduated from the OBI in 2016. They’ve grown substantially over the past several years, acquiring other companies, most recently Totient, and expanding their operations and workforce. GeekWire just featured them in an article about biotech in the Pacific Northwest.

We at the OBI & OTRADI are cheering on Absci for many years of continued success and growth.

OBI Client Company Wins

Meet our Administrative Assistant,
Sarah Vivian

Sarah joined OTRADI in July of 2021. She is a seasoned office specialist with over a decade of administrative experience. In her role, Sarah helps facilitate the everyday administrativia of the office and is the point person for OBI client companies.

Having a background as a technical writer and a passion for nonprofit and social justice work, Sarah served as a committee head and then Board Director of Communications for Pride Northwest, the nonprofit organization that plans and implements the Portland LGBTQ+ Pride Festival and Parade, until 2017.

In her personal time, Sarah is an avid crafter, permaculture gardener, home cook, and true crime fanatic. We are thrilled to have her on the OBI team!

ScienceDocs Interview with
Inherent Targeting’s Connor Barth

Inherent Targeting co-founder and CEO Connor Barth, PhD recently sat down with Claire Sykes for an enjoyable ScienceDocs interview after winning a $2.25 million SBIR grant for their fluorescence-guided nerve detection technology. Watch the 30-minute video and read the transcript here.

Summer-Fall Mentoring Kicks Off

July 1 was the start date for the Summer-Fall 2021 cohort of the OBI Mentoring Program. This 6-month cohort includes mentors and mentees listed below; some are new pairings and triples, and some returning pairings. We are pleased to welcome these participants and wish them much success in making progress toward their goals.

Participating Mentors:

Christa Nicholas

John Tortorici

Katie Rubino

Mel Ellis

Michael Phillips

Mike Gursha

Nathan Lillegard

Sheila Ramerman

Tanya Leavy

Pete Murray

Keith Daellenbach

Shannon Heizenrader

Participating Mentees:

Mary Phillips – Thaena

Carlos de la Huerga – Curazel

Sydney Quinton-Cox – Tonsil Tech

Marina Wolf – Eleutheria Therapeutics

Amanda Brockman – Tryl

Nathan Khosla – Validly

Nicole Tjota – CommuNutri

Thomas Buchanan – Buchanan Science

Franklin Yu – Oncol Drug Discovery

Jeremy Hammer – High Peak Medical Systems

The Lazarus 3D team

Heber Michaels – Kamino Care

We will have a new cohort of mentors and mentees in January, 2022. Keep an eye on the mentoring page on our website and newsletter for more information in the fall on how you can participate in our mentoring program.

Kamino App Has Launched

TeleHeath and wellness company, Kamino Care provides nutrition and health coaching for Latin X clients via video appointment. Bilingual providers assist families and caregivers with the latest nutrition and fitness advice, from a preventative mindset, all from the comfort of home.

Their story begins when a young boy named Heber is asked to translate from English to Spanish for his mother once she was diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes. She was advised to eat whole grains, whole foods, potatoes, and tofu. Due to cultural differences, the provider failed to recognize the family’s pantry was filled with arroz, frijoles, and tortillas. Kamino Care helps people like Heber’s mom get the health and wellness they need with a provider who understands both their culture and language.

As a young boy, Nick watched his father’s diabetes worsen due to improper nutrition and fitness management, ultimately leading to a stroke and heart attack. He has made it one of his life’s goals to stay fit, healthy and informed on how to best prevent diabetes as much as possible. Kamino Care was an obvious choice for Nick to provide families the tools they need to hopefully avoid the tragedies of Diabetes.

Kamino Care’s mobile appointment app, Kamino, is available for both iOS and Android devices and offers a free 30 minutes appointment with a Nutrition or Fitness provider.

EmPOWERED to Serve
Business Accelerator™

The American Heart Association’s EmPOWERED to Serve Business Accelerator for Oregon and SW Washington empowers and invests in women entrepreneurs, startups and businesses that foster equitable access to good health for all. The national program provides participants tools and support to grow and scale, including business training, grants and a lasting connection to the association.

APPLY JUNE 1 THROUGH JULY 16 for your chance to receive up to $75,000 in grant funding! If you need assistance with the application process, please email

OTBC is Hiring an Executive Director

OTBC‘s long-serving Executive Director is preparing to retire, and we are looking for the next leader for this small but ambitious not-for-profit. The Executive Director is responsible for the management of the OTBC facility, staff and programs and for performing diverse tasks ranging from mentoring of entrepreneurs to office operations. This position is full-time and reports to the OTBC Board of Directors.

The position is full-time, based in Beaverton, and offers a wide range of exposure to the Oregon entrepreneurial and funding communities. Highlights of the position include:

Apply no later than August 1, 2021. More information here.

How Does the U.S. Patent Process Work?

Have you ever used a Teflon-coated pan or hit a golf ball down the fairway? Had a friend or family member receive treatment with a new medication? All these products were developed because patents encouraged the R&D that led to these innovations. Patents are a form of intellectual property protection that give inventors the exclusive right to make, use, sell, offer for sale or import their inventions for a set period of time. Patients are well-served by having more inventions protected by intellectual property – it means more competition so more access to medicines in the long run – and these protections are an investment in the system that fosters innovation. For more information on the patent process, read this blog post and please attend our July 14 Virtual Lunch and Learn.


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July 15, 2021
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