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Video Recordings of Past Programs

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4-3-24 Lunch & Learn: Oregon Entrepreneurial Resources Panel

Expert speakers from Oregon’s leading entrepreneurial associations share invaluable insights and resources tailored to Oregon startups.

About the Speakers:

-Elaine Hsieh, Director of Community Engagement, Technology Association of Oregon (TAO)
-Tara Dahl, Executive Director, Oregon Techworks Association (OTA)
-Rylee O’Brien, Associate Executive Director, Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN)
-Liisa Bozinovic, Executive Director, Oregon Bioscience Association (OBA)


-Adrienne Klein, Programs & Operations Specialist, Oregon Bioscience Incubator (OBI)

3-6-24 Lunch & Learn: Nuts & Bolts of Biotech IP Strategy

Recent headlines have shown record patent filings, offensive assertions, and licensing deals created during this exciting and innovative time for the life sciences industry. Protecting IP can be essential to attract funding or preventing competitors from unfairly competing with you. However, knowing how and when to build a robust IP portfolio can seem daunting.

Here we will provide an overview of the IP issues facing new companies, together with a few recommendations. We will also provide opportunities to make this an interactive discussion and answer questions from the audience.

Presented by Katherine Rubino | Partner and Director, Life Sciences Practice, Caldwell Law

1-17-24 Lunch & Learn: Bootstrapping Social

If you’re a biotech or life science startup founder out there bootstrapping your social media, you’re not alone — but the stakes can feel especially high when you’re also juggling fundraising, business development, team building, and more.

s2s Public Relations’ content marketing lead, Caitlin Kryl, joins OBI to share tried and true strategies and tactics startup leaders can apply to ensure they’re producing effective and efficient social media content that supports business goals — even on the tightest of budgets.

Presented by Caitlin Kryl, Content Marketing Manager at s2s Public Relations.

12-7-23 Lunch & Learn: Unlocking the Power of Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive leadership goes beyond good intention, it fundamentally drives individual, team and organizational success. During this workshop you’ll learn about the 6 traits of inclusive leadership, assess your own strengths and areas for growth, and create a personalized action plan to foster a more inclusive environment within your team.

Presented by Tanya Macedo and sponsored by Cambia Health Solutions.

11-14-23 Lunch & Learn: Project Management Basics for Startups

Project management is somewhat of a black box in startups. When teams are small and single-focused, there isn’t need for much more than a simple Gantt chart. However, as projects progress, project management needs evolve. Juggling design verification testing alongside clinical trial filings and clinical production/distribution, for example, requires a more sophisticated program level view than when it was all R&D. As regulatory approval approaches and sales, marketing, manufacturing, distribution, supply chain, etc. activities increase, having dedicated project management resources makes sense. Travis Rappleye will outline how project management needs change as MedTech projects progress from concept through commercialization, and the tools and resources required at each stage.

Presented by Travis Rappleye.

10-11-23 Lunch & Learn: Streamlining DEI with Inclusive Hiring & Retention Tools

In today’s dynamic and diverse workplace, fostering an inclusive environment is not just a moral imperative but also a strategic advantage. Companies that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) not only attract top talent but also drive innovation, creativity, and profitability. However, the journey towards a more inclusive workplace can often seem complex and overwhelming.

Join Caitlin Root with Scion Staffing for a conversation offering practical insights and actionable tips on how to enhance your diversity sourcing, revamp interview processes, and develop employee retention programs that embrace and promote DEI principles.

Presented by Caitlin Root (she/her), Senior Partner Development Manager, Scion Staffing.

9-27-23 Lunch & Learn: Oregon InC’s SBIR Support Programs

The Oregon Innovation Council (Oregon InC) oversees Business Oregon’s innovation programs and has a variety of resources to support innovators to take new technologies from idea to market. It provides crucial early funding that promising technologies and entrepreneurs need to grow.

Learn about one of their programs that help innovation-based companies accelerate their growth and access private capital in their early stages. As part of the State’s efforts to assist innovative companies, Oregon InC’s SBIR Support Program helps Oregon companies take advantage of non-dilutive federal funding. The program includes application support grants to help companies prepare better applications that are more likely to be funded, as well as matching grants to fill gaps where the federal funds cannot be used. The Matching Grant provides funding to help businesses build on projects and advance technologies developed using federal SBIR/STTR funds to help companies reach their next stage of growth.

With the Application Support Grants and the Matching Grants recently opened, learn how these programs can help Oregon companies to leverage and expand nondilutive capital. This content is effective as of 9-27-23 and is subject to change.

Presented by Jordana Barclay, Innovation Strategist, Business Oregon.

9-20-23 Lunch & Learn: FDA Submissions – Best Practices for Early Stage Startups

Calling all Medical Device startups! Learn about the basics of working with the FDA for Medical Device companies – including information on pre-submissions, device classes and classifying your device.

Presented by Kristen Mittal and Mridul Mittal of Mittal Consulting.

6-13-23 Lunch & Learn: Examining Digital Health Through an Equity Lens

Digital health tools have become more prevalent since the COVID-19 pandemic began. There is no doubt that digital health has increased access for some patients, but are these platforms and apps reaching everyone in an equitable way? What can be done to reduce barriers, increase access, and reach patients who may otherwise be left behind?

Join PDXWIT and OBI/OTRADI for this virtual fireside chat where we will examine and discuss digital health through an equity lens.

Moderator and Panelists: Hazel Valdez, PDXWIT; Cass Wahl, Included Health; Matthew Wetschler, Plume; Navdeep Sangha, Kaiser Permanente; Carol Robinson, Midato Health.

4-19-23 Lunch & Learn: OHSU Innovates

OHSU Innovates supports OHSU innovators through collaborations, agreements, licensing, startup support, and more. In this virtual Lunch & Learn, you will learn about the different programs and offices that support and drive innovation at OHSU and for our region. You’ll also hear about how intellectual property is managed in a University setting and the unique aspects of innovating in an environment that is primarily supported by federal funding.

Presented by Aditi Martin and Travis Cook, OHSU.

2-28-23 Lunch & Learn: Business Oregon’s Commercialization Gap Fund & SBIR Overview

The Oregon Innovation Council (Oregon InC) oversees Business Oregon’s innovation programs and has a variety of resources to support innovators to take new technologies from idea to market. It provides crucial early funding that promising technologies and entrepreneurs need to grow. Learn about two of their programs that help innovation-based companies accelerate their growth and access private capital in their early stages.

Oregon InC’s SBIR Support Program helps Oregon companies take advantage of non-dilutive federal funding. The program includes application support grants to help companies prepare better applications that are more likely to be funded, as well as matching grants to fill gaps where the federal funds cannot be used and to help get technologies closer to market. The Commercialization Gap Fund supports companies as they develop their products to be ready to go to market, providing investment for the “commercialization gap” between initial startup and when private investment is available.

The information in this video is valid as of 2-28-23.

Presented by Mark Brady and Jordana Barclay, Business Oregon.

1-18-23 Lunch & Learn: Diversity in Clinical Trials

Oregon is home to more than 500 active clinical trials with nearly 9,000 Oregonians participating, creating thousands of jobs and a more than $450 million economic impact for the state. Recruiting participants in clinical trials is a key factor for clinical research success and the diversity of participants plays a critical role. However, enhancing diversity in clinical trials is a challenge for many Oregon clinical trial researchers. In this panel discussion, we bring together an Oregon clinical researcher and a representative from the biopharmaceutical industry to explain some of the challenges of engaging diverse participants and the efforts to address the systemic barriers that can deter underserved communities from participating.

Panelists: Mary Nwokedi, PhRMA and Curt Heiting, Cyn3rgy Research.

12-7-22 Lunch & Learn: Commercial Real Estate Q&A

Life Post-OBI: My Very Own Lab and Office – YES! But Where Do I start??

Incubating in the warm comfort and embrace of OBI is a very special privilege and a largely straightforward, stress free experience. OBI works hard to insulate you from lease details, NNN charges and maintenance issues and generally keeping the lights on and hoods working. But the day may come when your company’s ambitions and growth trajectory leads you to need or simply want your very own private lab and office.

CBRE helps you navigate the whole process, start to finish, when taking that next step. Our CBRE partners Kristin Hammond and Ajay Malhotra are very resourceful and were tapped by AbSci founder and CEO Sean McClain, one of OBI/OTRADI’s most prominent graduates, to help them find their stunning global headquarters. Property surveys, proposals, Letters of Intent, leases, rental rates, security deposits, tenant improvement allowances, out-of-pocket costs, building amenities, renewal and expansion options are all demystified at this casual Q&A session where you can learn what to expect and who can guide you when you embark on this journey for yourself.

Presented by Kristin Hammond and Ajay Malhotra, CBRE.

11-16-22 Lunch & Learn: Financial Success Through Accounting Best Practices

No one starts a business to be an accountant, but investment in effective financial processes can set a company on a path to success. Join us to learn more about:

Presented by Beth Nguyen and Veronica Miller, Forward/Slash, a Branded Division of Geffen Mesher

9-22-22 Lunch & Learn – PR and Thought Leadership for Life Science Startups

Media and thought leadership placements validate, de-risk, and differentiate your innovation for investors, partners, and future colleagues, but how and more importantly when do you begin?

In this conversational and wide ranging primer on all aspects of PR for Life Science startups, s2s Public Relations and Communications Founder and CEO Eric Schudiske will demystify the PR process. You will learn best practices for pitching your story to reporters, insights and tips for sharpening your public facing story, and how to produce relevant and timely thought-leadership pieces. The Lunch & Learn will finish with advice on how to leverage media placements to gain traction with investors and influencers.

Presented by Eric Schudiske, Founder and CEO of s2s Public Relations & Communications

8-25-22 Lunch & Learn – Creating Equity Every Day

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are huge, complex topics that are at the forefront of many conversations today. But how can we effectively incorporate DEI into our lives in a meaningful way? In this highly interactive session, Jackie Wirz will guide you through exercises that create actionable steps that build equity into your daily work. Examining DEI from a personal, workplace, and community lens, you will walk away with tools that enhance your DEI knowledge and ideas you can put into practice.

Presented by Jackie Wirz, PhD, Executive Director of Donate Life Northwest

7-20-22 Lunch & Learn – Biotech Funding Strategies

Lunch and Learn at OSU-Cascades Graduate Research Center in Bend with a panel discussion on strategies to fund your biotech company, focusing on where to find funding and how to unlock these opportunities. We will discuss funding for startups, growth-stage companies, and mature businesses. Also livestreamed on Zoom.

Moderator: Adam Krynicki, J.D., Esq. Executive Director, OSU-Cascades Innovation Co-Lab
Panelists: Rod Ray, PhD, PE Founder, Bend Research; Fred Seddiqui Lugano Ventures Founder & Senior Partner

6-22-22 Lunch & Learn – Women in Leadership Part 2: Continuing the Conversation

Back by popular demand, please join us for part two of this panel discussion, as we explore ways in which we can all #BreakTheBias when working toward a gender-equal world. The discussion will center on the experiences of women leaders in entrepreneurship, academia, tech, and bioscience industries – and how they have navigated the road toward equality in their respective fields.

Moderator: Himalaya Rao-Potlapally, Managing Director of Black Founders Matter
Panelists: Denise McCarty, Senior Strategic Relations Manager, Autodesk Jenn Klotz, Community Relations and External Communication Lead in Oregon, Genentech Patti White, Co-founder and CEO, Hemex Health Susy Dunn, Chief Administration Officer, Zapproved

5-20-22 Panel Discussion – Research in Your Backyard

Oregon is proudly home to more than 500 active clinical trials with nearly 9,000 Oregonians participating, creating thousands of jobs and a more than $450 million economic impact for the state. Mark International Clinical Trials Day on May 20, by streaming an OBI/OTRADI panel titled, “Research in Your Backyard: Developing Cures, Creating Jobs in Oregon,” in partnership with the Oregon Alliance of Clinical Researchers.

The biopharmaceutical industry brings profound value to patients through new treatments and cures for society’s most devastating and costly diseases and conditions, providing millions of patients with treatment options they would not otherwise have.

In our panel discussion, we’ll be bringing together the perspectives of an Oregon Bioscience Incubator researcher, clinical researcher, patient, and the biopharmaceutical industry to explain everything that goes into developing treatments and cures for local patients and the important work happening here in our state.

Panelists: Emmanuel Akporiaye, Searcy Craighead, Curt Heiting, and Reid Porter

Moderated by Rene Miller, OBI

(Panel is shown full screen at the 15:45 minute mark)

4-26-22 Lunch and Learn – Demystifying Commercial Real Estate Leasing

Nurturing your business in the confines of an incubator like OBI/OTRADI means you haven’t had to worry much about a traditional commercial real estate lease with a conventional landlord. But many of you will come to a point where you outgrow OBI and need to find your own lab and/or office space. But when do you start those conversations and how does it all work? This session is designed to demystify the leasing process and shed some light on the sometimes opaque and jargon-filled industry that is commercial real estate.

Topics covered include:

One of OBI’s most prominent graduates is Sean McClain of Absci. Come hear from Kristin Hammond and Ajay Malhotra from CBRE Portland, who Sean personally selected to represent Absci in the search for their new 78,000 square foot headquarters in Vancouver. Kristin and Ajay, three-time winners of the independent Oregon-Washington Commercial Association of Brokers Top Office Team of the Year, will use their work with the Absci executive team as a case study to illuminate every step of the process and answer any questions you may have.

Presented by Ajay Malhotra and Kristin Hammond from CBRE.

3-15-22 Lunch and Learn – Women in Leadership: Mind the Gap

OBI recognizes that collective action and shared ownership for driving gender parity is what makes International Women’s Day impactful. Attend this panel discussion as we explore ways in which we can all #BreakTheBias when working toward a gender-equal world. The discussion will center on the experiences of women leaders in entrepreneurship, academia, tech, and bioscience industries – and how they have navigated the road toward equality in their respective fields.

Presented by: Himalaya Rao-Potlapally, Denise McCarty, Jenn Klotz, Patti White, and Susy Dunn

2-16-22 Lunch and Learn – How Accelerators Can Help Boost Your Startup: Founders’ Perspectives

What are accelerators and how can they boost your startup? Learn about types of accelerators and how they can benefit your company, and hear from founders who have been through accelerators and what their experiences were like.

Presented by Charla Triplett, David Farrell, PhD, and Candice Smith

12-1-21 Lunch and Learn – Utilizing Value Assessments to Determine Clinical and Cost Effectiveness

Lunch & Learn presentation on the utilization of value assessments in determining clinical and cost effectiveness. These frameworks are used to assess the value of prescription drugs and can influence coverage, drug utilization management and reimbursement. Hear more about how policymakers and payers rely on traditional value assessment frameworks and the need for development and use of innovative methods that are rigorous, transparent, and nondiscriminatory to better address the needs of all health care stakeholders, including patients, payers and providers.

Presented by Amy M. Miller, PhD from PhRMA Foundation, and Sara van Geertruyden, JD from Partnership to Improve Patient Care (PIPC).

11-17-21 Lunch and Learn – The Three Sectors Where Digital is Transforming Patient Care

Digital technologies are changing traditional healthcare solutions at an unprecedented pace, and the classification of digital therapeutics is becoming an increasingly important part of the global healthcare infrastructure, offering more and more opportunities for growth in the digital health category.

“The Three Sectors Where Digital is Transforming Patient Care” aims to demystify the value-based components of digital health and generates a common language and framework for accelerated collaboration.

Presented by Stan Kachnowski, PhD, MBA, CSEP from HITLAB at Columbia University.

10-14-21 Lunch and Learn – Understanding the Investor Mindset

You’re an entrepreneur looking for investors so that you can achieve your vision. But what’s in it for them? During this talk you’ll be introduced to a tool for building the foundation of your pitch, which starts with understanding how investors look at your company. Spoiler alert: innovative, cutting-edge technology is only a fraction of the story… Every entrepreneur needs to make their startup investable, even if they don’t plan to raise capital, because every entrepreneur is investing their own time and money in their startup. Looking after your own interests is the beginning of being able to look after your investors. Join us and learn how to take a step back from what you’re doing and see it through an investor’s eyes.

Presenter: Peter Schuerman, PhD from Secret Agenda Art.

9-15-21 Lunch and Learn – Managing Stress & Performance Across Startups and High-Performing Teams

After 18 months of isolation, strong performers are leaving your team for better opportunities while others are succumbing to burnout. As a manager, coworker, or founder, what can you do? Meditation? Yoga? The data shows mindfulness will not resolve burnout nor improve performance for most of your team.

Join us as we examine root causes for stress across teams, and discuss practical solutions that help team members on a personal level.

Including you. Because you’re stressed too.

Presenter: Sourabh Kothari from Mindcurrent.

8-11-21 Lunch and Learn – Financial Forecasting and Accounting

When starting a company, there is a lot to think through, including how to raise capital, how to build your team, and stand-up operations. Most important of all is, don’t run out of money! Our speakers will offer guidance on how to think through your financial budget and forecasting costs as you expand and grow, as well as best practices for grant accounting, audit and tax requirements and financial reporting as you prepare for venture funding or IPO.

Presenters: Jennifer Kyle from Condor Software; John Baglien and Peter Buss from KBF CPAs.

7-14-21 Lunch and Learn – Patent Process for Bioscience Startups

As an innovator and startup, do you have questions about the patent process? Hear from two U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) supervisory patent examiners as they provide an overview and answer questions about the patent process with particular insights for applicants in the bioscience technologies.

Topics include:

  • Navigating the USPTO patent process with an emphasis on bioscience technologies
  • Tips and common mistakes on patent applications
  • Understanding the risks of early disclosure
  • Resources and assistance available through the USPTO

Presenters: USPTO Supervisory Patent Examiners Jim Alstrum-Acevedo (TC 1600) and Pascal Bui-Pho (TC 3700)

6-9-21 Lunch and Learn – Retaining + Recruiting Top Talent in a Post-COVID World

The COVID Comeback: Retaining + Recruiting Top Talent in a Post-COVID World.

Do you have the best hybrid work model for your company? The Pandemic has forced many companies to look at their remote work structure more extensively, permanently altering the landscape of retaining and recruiting their top talent. In the Life Sciences space, this becomes even more complex given some employee populations, like ones that do work in a lab, need to be on-site to do their work. While other populations, under the same proverbial roof, have roles more conducive to remote-based work.

How do we create the right set-up that maximizes your workforce potential while maintaining equity across an organization? Also, since this changes your talent pool and creates an even more complex landscape for winning latent, what things should be considered to position yourself for success? In this Lunch and Learn we look at the complexities involved for both employers and employees to curate an optimal balance in this new work environment.

Presenters: Ruba Asmussen, Helen Sustarich, and Steve Waterman from RTA Consulting.

This program is organized by OBI/OTRADI and the Portland State Business Accelerator.

5-25-21 NCI SBIR/STTR Workshop with Program Directors

The Federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs are a critical source of non-dilutive financing for early stage companies. The National Cancer Institute’s SBIR Development Center provides funding, networking, and mentoring support for small businesses developing innovative cancer technologies. In fiscal year 2020, NCI SBIR will provide $179 million to small businesses to translate their innovation from lab to market. NCI SBIR program directors Monique Pond and Jonathan Franca-Koh will be speaking at this event, covering:

Monique Pond, PhD and Jonathan Franca-Koh, PhD, MBA
Program Directors
SBIR Development Center, National Cancer Institute

This event is organized by:
NIH National Cancer Institute | Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute | Knight Cancer Institute CEDAR | Oregon Bioscience Incubator/OTRADI

5-11-21 Lunch and Learn – Counterfeit Medicines and Drug Importation

Lunch & Learn presentation on the ways in which innovation in scientific research is impacted by the illicit distribution of counterfeit medicines in the United States and the wholesale importation of medications from other nations. For nearly twenty years people have suggested bulk exporting Canada’s drug supply to the U.S. to address problems in the U.S. healthcare system. These policies can have significant impacts on the future of innovation and our ability to keep our medicine supply safe. During this Lunch & Learn, U.S. and Canadian experts will offer insights into state policy proposals that would allow for the wholesale importation of medicines from Canada, the workability of these proposals, and the current processes in place that ensure access to safe medications.

Presenters: Shabbir Imber Safdar from Partnership for Safe Medicines, Dani Peters from Magnet Strategy Group and Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies, and Lev J. Kubiak from Pfizer.

3-30-21 Lunch and Learn – From the Lab to the State House: Building Trust in Bioscience

Lunch & Learn presentation on the importance of biomedical researchers building trust among the public and lawmakers.

In the absence of a fair portrayal of science, it is too easy for policy makers to respond with burdensome regulatory requirements, which ultimately may make the development of new science in the U.S. impossible. That’s why it’s important for you to learn how to educate and advocate for your business.

Presenters: Ken Gordon from NWABR, Matt Markee from Markee & Associates, and Jodi Hack from PhRMA.

3-18-21 Lunch and Learn – Licensing and Technology Transfer

Lunch & Learn presentation on the topic of technology licensing, with a focus on technology transfer from educational and other institutions. Josh Smith, an attorney at Tonkon Torp LLP, and Andrew Weinberg, President of AgonOx, Inc, will provide their insights on:

Presenters: Josh Smith from Tonkon Torp and Andrew Weinberg from Providence Cancer Center and AgonOx.

2-10-21 Lunch and Learn – Is Your Brand Story Due for a Tune Up?

Say the word, “acquisition.” It should take you about a second. That snap of a finger is how much time a person typically grants you to make them care about your innovation. In that time, they will begin to decide whether to continue reading and stay on your website or simply leave.

Your brand story is an evolving confluence of messaging, tone, and excruciating attention to clarity and value. We’re here to help ensure you get it right, showcase the value of your innovation and make people care.

Join “Is Your Brand Story Due for a Tune Up?” to hear from a communications firm rooted in serving venture-backed life science startups in the Pacific Northwest to grow awareness and achieve an acquisition.

In our one-hour presentation, we’ll cover:

Presenters: Eric Schudiske and Crystal Clarity from s2s Public Relations and Communications

1-14-21 Lunch and Learn – Best Practices in Medical Device Software and Firmware Design

Are you developing a medical device with software or firmware? If you plan on submitting your device to the FDA, there are specific regulatory requirements that must be met to ensure acceptance. In this webinar, you will learn the best practices for software and firmware development in a regulated field like medical devices. In the medical device industry, ISO 13485 defines requirements for a quality management system that demonstrates the ability to create medical devices that meet customer and regulatory requirements. Because of the inherent complexity of software systems, software development has become more tightly controlled than hardware in regulatory environments. Thus, standards have emerged to guide this process specifically for software. Under ISO 13485, medical devices containing software or firmware must be developed according to IEC 62304.

The processes put forth by IEC 62304 are established best practices in the software industry, most of which can be followed for both medical and non-medical projects. The activities described in the standard fit neatly into many phase-based product development approaches. This talk will focus on a phase-based product development approach that meets these standards through planning, risk management, architecture, detailed design, and verification.

Presenters: Katie Elliott and Dorota Shortell from Simplexity Product Development

12-9-20 Lunch and Learn – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in R&D

Here’s the question: Would you rather be like the Wright Brothers, who cracked the code of flight in three years for $3000, or Langley, head of the Smithsonian, who spent 25 times more and launched an airplane with great fanfare straight into the Potomac? Years ago I wanted to know what led the Wright Brothers to their success, and it turns out it’s not because they are geniuses, and not because it was inevitable with the advent of motors, but because they had developed a methodology that was a radical shift from what came before.

The 19th century method was to rely on the power of one’s mind to divine a solution. It is slow, expensive, and only sporadically yields results. The Wright methodology dependably, and in a finite amount of time for as little money as is possible, yields seemingly amazing results. Rather, the results are amazing, but it tends to appear that the inventor is amazing. The methodology allows results to emerge naturally. In its essence, the method presumes an answer exists, and serves as a navigational aide to get through the uncharted waters of from here to there.

In this talk I will outline the 7 habits that lead to solving big problems fast and cheap.

Presenter: Dan “Cosmo” Grupp, PhD

11-10-20 Lunch and Learn – Market Research Deep Dive

Who is your customer? We’ll explore why it’s so important to find out.

When we talk about market research, we seek to understand our customer’s needs or preferences to better frame our product or customer acquisition activities. In healthcare, however, the simple question “who’s your customer” is often times not as simple as it may seem. Is it the patient that received benefit from your product? The physician that prescribed or used your product? The payer that paid for your product?

In this session we’ll explore the complexities of selling into the US health system and discuss the role of a customer, a user and a buyer. One is not necessarily more important than the other, but it’s critical to understand the difference. Let’s do a deep dive to find out.

Presenter: Michael McGarry

10-6-20 Lunch and Learn – Cultivating High Performing Teams

Cultivating High-Performance Teams: Tips from Neuroscience

Today, in this era of the pandemic, we have been forced to rethink and make significant changes in how we live, work, play and learn. Work life for most is forever changed. We are having to learn new ways of getting work done, working collaboratively, and finding the energy to deal with working from home, schooling kids at home, social distancing, and so, so much more.

Many teams are struggling to stay engaged and enthusiastic about work. What can you do as a leader? As a member of a team?

This interactive program will identify 5 key characteristics of work that drive high performance for knowledge workers and teams. It is based on David Rock’s book, Your Brain At Work, and his SCARFⓇ Model. Lecture will be only 20-25 minutes, so you can talk with others in small groups and share ideas and Ah-ha’s for what you might do differently going forward to improve engagement and morale. We will then share best ideas with everyone.

Presenter: Pat Arcady, Ed.D

9-23-20 Lunch and Learn – Bioscience Career Panel

Interested in learning more about careers in the Bioscience industry? Please join Oregon Bioscience Incubator (OBI) and Oregon Health & Science University Knight Cancer Institute’s Cancer Early Detection Advanced Research Center (CEDAR) for an exciting panel featuring scientists employed in various Bioscience positions discussing their career paths and the skills required to be successful in their respective fields.

Our panelists are Kateri Spinelli, PhD, Elliott Parker, Holly Rockweiler, and Emmanuel Akporiaye, PhD. See bios below. The moderator is Andre Walcott from OHSU CEDAR.

8-11-20 Lunch and Learn – Valuation of Life Science Companies

Learn more about how life science companies are valued in this informative program!

Valuation of Life Science companies can be difficult. It requires a deep understanding of the industry and common valuation methodologies. Furthermore, based on the size, stage, and type of engagement, different approaches are needed.

Jameson Jenkins and David Hales from Scalar will discuss the importance of understanding the Scope of Work and the different valuation methodologies that can be used to value within this industry.

7-22-20 Lunch and Learn – They Said It Couldn’t Be Done! De-Risk Your Projects

“They said it couldn’t be done! Let’s talk about de-risking your projects.”

There are far more ways to fail than to succeed when developing new products. This presentation will provide three case studies illustrating how to increase the chances of getting medical devices to market. The talk will touch on four primary risk factors:

We’ll also discuss ways to increase the chance of success. The presentation will conclude with “Pearls of Wisdom… and Lessons Learned.”

Presenter: Marc Fine

6-17-20 Lunch & Learn – Pivot with Purpose

Pivot with Purpose: Build Your Business Around Your Greatest Strength

Many companies fail by trying to outpace or outgun established competition. But what if you start playing a different game altogether?

Whether you are a multinational corporation or two nerds in a basement, you’re chasing goals, making moves, and looking to invest your energy where it counts. We’re here to tell you that the shortest path to success often only takes one single market differentiator — a unique value proposition, or what Rick Hou calls your “Secret Sauce.”

In the past 15 years, Rick has launched startups that have either become or have been purchased by fortune 500 companies. Rick has mastered the craft of pivoting with a rapidly changing market. Learn how to identify the value you pose to your audience, avoid the pitfalls most likely to cause you to fail, and leverage your greatest strengths to grow your company with lasting impact.

6-10-20 Lunch & Learn – How to Make Profitable Key Networking Connections

Are you looking for some easy ways to build key networking relationships in these uncertain times? Are you unsure about how to improve your networking skills and meet new power partners? How do you make those key connections efficiently and effectively in our virtual world? Many people think that because we can’t meet in person we don’t have to network. This is actually one of the best times to grow your network – strategically.

Join our Virtual Lunch & Learn with Portland’s networking expert Stephanie Arnheim. Stephanie will share with you her tips and strategies on how to make authentic connections in a virtual world and continue to grow your network. Learn about building relationships with power partners to grow your business and be a resource to your community. Please bring your networking challenges and questions.

6-9-20 Lunch & Learn – Maximize Your PPP Loan Forgiveness

Learn about maximizing your PPP loan forgiveness. The government’s Paycheck Protection Program loans have the potential for complete loan forgiveness provided it is used for the approved expenses. By tracking how you allocate your disbursement, you may be eligible for complete loan forgiveness on that Paycheck Protection Program loan. Hear about updates released by the SBA/Treasury recently on this topic. Formulas to calculate forgiveness will also be shared.

Presenter: Jessica Crannell-Menard

5-6-20 Lunch & Learn – Digital Health Early Stage Funding Panel

Digital health is the convergence of healthcare and technology to advance treatments, increase efficiency, and lower the cost of healthcare delivery. Oregon is a recognized global hub for the exact industry sectors that combine to create new companies and jobs focused on Smart Health and Smart Cities.

OBI has determined there are currently 130+ digital health companies in the State of Oregon, and this number continues to grow as adoption of connected devices and personalized medicine skyrockets.

As a digital health startup in Oregon, what are the best resources for Digital Health early stage funding? Hear from both the Funder, Angela Jackson, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Portland Seed Fund; and the Funded, Travis Rush, Founder and CEO of Sightbox.

4-21-20 Lunch & Learn – Financial Projections in the Time of Coronavirus

Learn about financial projections, especially in the time of crisis:

Presenter: Jessica Crannell-Menard

4-14-20 Lunch and Learn – Negotiate Like a Boss by Being Yourself

Not knowing what to do, anxiety and even fear may confront us when we must negotiate. Often, the negotiator “type” is viewed as a haggler, a deceiver, even a manipulator. Decades of research show that effective negotiators do not exhibit these traits. What if there was a research-based process that lets you negotiate just by being yourself? And what if this approach is proven to get your needs met more often than not? Introduce yourself to the systems approach to negotiation from Martin Medeiros, who adopted this approach over 25 years of law practice.

Martin is a keynote speaker on negotiation, acts as a judge in the ABA Negotiation Competition, delivers the weekly “Persuasion Lab” podcast and authored 5 books on negotiation, persuasion, and influence. This interactive session delivers immediately actionable steps you can take.

3-10-20 Lunch and Learn – Aus-TRIAL-ia: Running Early Phase Clinical Trials in Australia

This talk will describe the speed, cost and quality considerations and advantages of conducting early phase clinical trials in Australia. Of particular note are the Clinical Trial Notification (CTN) program which allows for patients to be dosed within 8-10 weeks of document submission to the Ethics Committee (EHRC) for trial approval as well as the R&D tax rebate scheme from the Australian government.

There are several advantages to the CTN program, including reduced documentation requirements for study approval, fast review and approval, and reduced release testing requirements.

Trials conducted in Australia utilizing these more efficient processes meet international quality standards and are often the basis for IND and/or CTA fillings for Phase II trials in the US and EU.

Presenter: Jamie Weishaar

2-20-20 Lunch and Learn – Find and Equip Lab Space Quickly and Cost-Effectively

At some point every successful company faces the challenge of their physical working space no longer meeting their needs. Maybe the space isn’t large enough to meet demand, or perhaps business has evolved in a direction no longer served by the original facility. So how does one go about finding new space? Hire a broker? An architect? A contractor? All three? If so, then when? And how do you make sure your business needs are met quickly and cost effectively?

All of these questions follow the often overt realization that your space no longer works. The problem is that acquiring lab space is not simple. Most people who have been through the process will tell you it takes far more time than expected, and in the case of your company outgrowing its facility, that is time you can’t afford. The other challenge that is often underestimated at first is the complexity of fitting out that lab space.

At this program we will talk though the steps needed to find, acquire and fit-out lab space. We will discuss the role of brokers and their limitations; the timeline associated with finding and securing space; and the ins and outs of permitting and tenant improvement. We will touch on the complexities of developing lab space that make finding the raw shell area difficult, including zoning, mechanical systems, and occupancy types. We will talk about the time it typically takes from the decision to move or expand, to the new facility being fully operational. Finally, we will cover the management of tasks that are not typically handled by the broker, architect or contractor.

Presenters: Eric Myers, Sean Cole, and Mark Petchey

1-16-20 Lunch and Learn – OHSU’s Research and Innovation Landscape

OHSU has undergone significant changes at the leadership level in recent years. Among those changes, Peter Barr-Gillespie was named as OHSU’s chief research officer, and he has restructured his office, now named OHSU Research and Innovation. In addition, in response to an external review of the innovation landscape at OHSU, he launched a new office, OHSU Collaborations and Entrepreneurship, which is headed by Aditi Martin. One of Martin’s principal goal is to ensure that business development activities at OHSU, which occur in several offices in different units, are coordinated across the university. OHSU Technology Transfer, led by Andrew Watson, remains relatively unchanged from its structure within the former Technology Transfer and Businses Development (TTBD) office.

Barr-Gillespie will discuss these changes to OHSU’s research and innovation landscape, and review OHSU’s yearlong strategic planning process. He will be joined by Martin and Watson, who will elaborate on the new structure for technology transfer, collaborations, and entrepreneurship.

12-18-19 Lunch and Learn – Who’s on Your Board of Directors?

The people you allow to influence your business decisions will ultimately be the ones that help set your pace in life. If you choose wisely, the next time you face a major business decision, you can look confidently to your board for advice. Of course, each type of small business needs specific kinds of people to serve on its board of directors, but all businesses need individuals with integrity, commitment, and interest as board members.

Think of the board as an extension of “your team,” and they will simply fill gaps in your knowledge, skills, and/or network, while helping the company grow and prosper. Come hear about things you already know, didn’t know or just plain forgot.

Presenters: John Tortorici and Rose Marshall

10-22-19 Lunch and Learn – Pregame Your Business with Ciara Pressler

You have a business plan, but do you have a game plan? Find out how Pregame has reinvented business strategy for entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators. Founder and author Ciara Pressler will share the new best practices for growth in your business, marketing, and more. Pregame is the new HQ for entrepreneurs and experienced executives to accelerate their business growth. Like a gym for your goals, daily sessions in business strategy, marketing, sales, and more, give you unlimited opportunities to pump up your strategy and overcome your obstacles. Find out more at