OBI & OTRADI March 2023 Newsletter

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Hemex Health

OBI Mentor of the Month:
Matt Hollingsworth

Matt Hollingsworth is the CEO and Co-founder of Carta Healthcare. Matt’s experience focuses on AI/Data Science and HeathTech. He started his career as high energy physicist, worked at CERN, and was part of the team there that discovered the Higgs Boson. Matt co-founded his first startup as technical co-founder with a colleague, and then went to Stanford’s business school to specialize in healthcare operations. There, he joined the data-driven healthcare operations group, SURF. Matt started Carta based upon tech built while at Stanford. He has an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, and a BA/MS in Physics from the University of Tennessee.

When asked what his colleagues appreciate about him, Matt says, “I have a fairly deep understanding of technological capabilities (spent most of my career in technical roles) and I am very good at marrying that with product and sales strategy. I’m the person in the room that reminds the engineers that cool technology cannot always be sold and the sales people that everything that can be sold should not or cannot necessarily be built. I can help people find product/market fit faster, especially in complex industries where the whole ‘lean startup’ methodology breaks down.”

Matt joined the OBI Mentoring Program this year and has hit the ground running with his mentees. Thank you, Matt, for all you do to help our startup community!

AOBIO Seeks Investors

Get all the details about investing in the Angel Oregon Life & Bioscience investment pool.

Pacific Northwest accredited investors are invited to come learn about investing with Oregon Entrepreneurs Network‘s Angel Oregon Life & Bioscience (AOBIO). The program is designed for angel investors interested in life and bioscience innovation emerging in Oregon and Southwest Washington. New and experienced angel investors are welcome!

AOBIO Investor Information Session
Thursday, March 16th
9:00 AM – 10:15 AM

At this session we’ll cover:

Need Space for Your Bioscience Startup?

If you have a bioscience or health innovation startup and need wet lab or office space, come talk to us! We operate the only bioscience-focused incubator in Oregon, with private offices, private labs, co-working space, and shared labs for startups in bioscience – including digital health, medical devices, AI/ML, diagnostics, therapeutics, pharmaceuticals, and more! We currently have limited space availability, with some new spaces opening up very soon.

Submit your facility inquiry here and let’s schedule a time to talk!

OHSU is Hiring


OHSU is currently hiring two positions to share with our OBI community. Please feel free to spread the word!

Upcoming Events


OregonBio: Bio on the Rocks
March 14, 2023
5:00-8:00 PM
Ironlight in Lake Oswego
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March PubTalk: The Founder Journey
March 15, 2023
5:15-7:30 PM
Fresh Consulting in Portland
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AOBIO Investor Information Session
First time angel investors welcome!
March 16, 2023
9:00-10:15 AM
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PDXWIT Presents:
March Happy Hour

March 21, 2023
5:30-7:30 PM
Viewpoint in Portland
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PDXWIT Presents:
LGBTQ+ in Tech – Paths to Leadership
March 29, 2023
12:00-1:00 PM
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OBI Accelerate Biotech + Digital Health
Happy Hour

April 6, 2023
5:30-7:00 PM
Casa Colima Mexican Restaurant & Cantina in Portland
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