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TAO: Resilient Leadership Workshop Series

December 3, 2020 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

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Resilient Leadership Workshop Series
The Resilient Leadership Workshop Series is a learning community designed for people in mid- to senior-level positions who are looking to develop their leadership skills. We will explore resilient leadership through six dynamic, discussion-based sessions. This is not a webinar, but a cohort/learning community that will learn through candid dialogue, authenticity and inclusion. Weekly “resilience experiments” and learning resources will challenge participants to reflect,  develop self-awareness independently and learn about the experiences of others through workshop discussion.

The importance of resilient leadership has never been greater—but when it comes to leading in 2020, are you doing the right things for yourself and your team? How can you develop your own resilient leadership? How can you help foster resilience in the people you manage?

Resilient leaders are made and not born. Resilience can be learned through experimentation, reflection, and discussion.

Join Technology Association of Oregon to explore resilient leadership through a dynamic, discussion-based learning community.

How will the workshop series be structured?
Weekly topics will explore current trends in leadership and management. We will focus on the role resilience plays in leadership, and best practices for optimizing your leadership style to leverage your team’s capacity across the enterprise. Shared reading and viewing will generate vibrant discussion on the diversity of lived leadership experiences.

The discussion-based series will also include “resilient leadership challenges”: practical experiments designed to improve your ability to respond to change. These research-informed habit-building activities will happen weekly and participants will reflect on their successes and challenges throughout the seminar.

The number of participants will be capped at 36 to ensure a strong peer collaboration environment. Participants are expected to attend all six sessions as part of the learning community.

Who Should Attend:
Anyone in a mid- to senior-level position looking to develop their leadership skills. This content will be most relevant for people who are currently in management positions.

Check out the series details:  Click Here