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Virtual Lunch and Learn: Startup Project Management Basics

November 14, 2023 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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Project management is somewhat of a black box in startups.  When teams are small and single-focused, there isn’t need for much more than a simple Gantt chart.  However, as projects progress, project management needs evolve.  Juggling design verification testing alongside clinical trial filings and clinical production/distribution, for example, requires a more sophisticated program level view than when it was all R&D.  As regulatory approval approaches and sales, marketing, manufacturing, distribution, supply chain, etc. activities increase, having dedicated project management resources makes sense.  I’ll outline how project management needs change as MedTech projects progress from concept through commercialization, and the tools and resources required at each stage.

About the Speaker:

Travis Rappleye

Travis Rappleye is a MedTech startup project management expert, with over two decades of experience managing a variety of projects through all phases of development, including Class II, Class III, combination products, and pharmaceuticals.

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